ProWorkflow is a pretty cool business that has created a leading edge SaaS project management and time tracking application (disclosure – Julian Stone, CEO of ProWorkflow is also a contributor to Diversity Blog). They seem to be operating a little bit “under the radar” not getting the exposure of other SaaS businesses but nonetheless running a successful and profitable operation.

ProWorkflow have just created a cool time tracking widget – the idea is that the widget sits on a users desktop, where they can choose whichever project or client they are working on/with at a certain time – the widget tracks the amount of time spent and automatically enters the data into ProWorkflow, allowing real time invoicing, time tracking and project management.

It’s a cross platform widget (Vista and Mac) but doesn’t work with XP (which is a shame and possible a bit of a barrier to its success) – but it’s an excellent example of a value add applet that saves time and effort and increases efficiency for its users.

It’s the sort of thing that one can imagine being really applicable to other SaaS busiensses, the thnkign goes that if a user can have information populated to the backend SaaS app without having to actually go into that app – efficiency and productivity are both increased. Good work PWF!

Ben Kepes

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  • There were some technical reasons behind the XP decision for now. But once it’s out and tested we’ll get an XP version working pretty quickly.

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