Communications platform vendor Twilio grew to prominence by powering the voice, video, SMS and other communication requirements of startups and other digitally-savvy companies. But Twilio, as we know, is a publicly listed company and, as such, the market expects it to both broaden and deepen its franchise in an ever-increasing quest for greater revenue. So it is a key requirement for Twilio to show proof points where it has achieved that kind of market broadening.

And so Twilio’s founder and CEO, Jeff Lawson, will be both relived and pleased to announce this week that a traditional organization is replacing a traditional part of its business with Twilio. National Debt Relief helps individual get out of debt and avoid bankruptcy. The organization helps individuals with debt reduction, financial consultations, credit counseling, and debt consolidation. With 1,300 agents and employees, all of whom interact with clients via a variety of different channels, a contact center which covers the growing ways in which clients chose to interact with its agents is critical.

National Debt Relief had a legacy contact center product but made the decision to move their contact center to a platform that they saw as more scalable and more flexible for emerging ways of doing business. They chose to use Twilio and in 90 days rolled out a contact center solution built on top of Twilio. Beyond simply giving the organization the ability to talk to clients over the phone, the new contact center will:

  • Allow customers to contact National Debt Relief via phone, text message or online chat
  • Incorporate natural language understanding in order to route calls so customers never have to go through a standard IVR
  • Integrate artificial intelligence into messaging functionality so that preliminary questions and problem-solving can be handled via an intelligent bot before being routed to a customer support representative
  • Leverage skill-based routing in order to prioritize urgent customer requests

Daniel Tilipman, president, co-founder and CTO of National Debt Relief commented on the drivers and experience selecting and implementing Twilio:

National Debt Relief’s goal is to be the number one advocate for Americans when it comes to re-establishing financial stability. Providing an excellent customer experience is absolutely critical to that mission and we found ourselves unable to serve our customers the way we needed to using our legacy contact center infrastructure. With Twilio’s platform, we are able to build the exact experience to serve our customers and had it up and running in 90 days for a fraction of the cost.


Having watched the rise of Twilio in the almost decade since it was founded, to today where it boasts of close to 1,000 stage across the world, it is impressive to see how Lawson, very much a technologist in the Silicon Valley-mode, has managed to build a company that, while being about technology, still has the ability to reach regular organizations with a compelling message. The National Debt Relief win is a good example of that and will impress the markets.

This is also vitally important given the fact that Twilio has had a historic reliance on a single customer that makes up a huge part of its business (Uber) – while National Debt Relief isn’t a massive customer, the fact that it lies outside of the technology industry makes it an important one.

Ben Kepes

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