Picture Courtesy: Thenextweb.comFrom time to time, we share videos related to the topics we cover here at Cloud Ave. The idea behind these posts is to share the videos we liked or found important with the readers of Cloud Ave. Regular readers of my post know how much I loved Google Wave. Google Wave is on death bed and even though the patient will have a slow and painful death (in spite of some efforts to save the service), there are expectations that the body parts will be used elsewhere. Since the core components are open source, anyone with an itch can take it further or integrate into their own projects. One such component is live editing feature of Google Wave. 
In the following video, Google engineer David Wang explains how collaborative editing through concurrency control and operational transform work in Google Wave. If you are a developer interested in the Wave’s realtime capabilities, this video will give you a good introduction to the technology behind live editing.
When you are on the topic, check out this take by Joe Schueller on the lessons learned from Google Wave demise. Thanks to his post for the link to the video.
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