Completely off topic but leaving home for a week and a half always makes me miss the family. A couple of beautiful quotes from the past day from my sons;

8 year old;

I really think John key should win the election because he hasn’t had a chance to be Prime Minister yet

So nice to hear that the fair play message is getting through. I wonder if Helen feels the same way?

6 year old, after reading about India in the National Geographic magazine and knowing that Dad is heading to India today

In Auckland, when they see a cow on the road, they drive around it because cows are holy in Auckland

Auckland…. India… just variations on a theme I guess!

Be good boys and I’ll see you in ten days.

Ben Kepes

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  • I was putting my eight-year-old son to bed one night and he was being cheeky. Eventually I snapped and said ‘Hey! Do not talk to me like that! I am your father!’

    He went quiet for a few seconds and then came back with this.

    ‘Ohhh – going all old fashioned on me are you, calling yourself father?!’

    I had to turn around to hide my face – even then my shoulders were shaking with supressed laughter. His mum had to put him to bed that night.

  • Asked my daughter today “who’d you vote for?’ She answered “not Helen Clark, she’s had a long turn already” She’s nearly twelve, so yes, the equal rights stuff is getting through.

  • In Mitre10. My 1.8yo was running up to me and into me saying “Bump!”. He keep getting further away for a good running start.
    Soon he was running from the end of the aisle and would put his head down like a bull…


    Then, on a running bump attempt he hit his head into the leg of a grumpy old man who he nearly knocked over. (ha ha He missed me)

    Jackson fell on the ground and laughed pointing at him saying “Big man! red shirt!” ha ha – gotta love kids…

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