Fair suck of the sav Marge, and will ya throw another snarler on the barbie and grab me an xxxx out of the esky (sorry – just practicing for when New Zealand becomes another state of our Western neighbour).

Cool to hear that Xero have fully launched their Australian offering. Fact is that Australia is a huge market (compared to New Zealand) yet still close enough to here for their to be some similarities in the way business is done – to that end Australia, in my mind, will be a key test of Xero’s market entry strategies. It was also cool to be alerted (thanks Dan) to the fact that Diversity is being quoted on that most illustrious of sites, Computerworld – just remember, you saw it here first (by several months!)

Of course I’m looking forward to seeing them go head-to-head with Saasu – I kind of feel that they’re both distinct products with different target markets – Saasu suits a larger operation more in need of an ERP lite offering, while Xero I see as being more of a step up from the "excel or a cashbook" crowd.

Either way it’ll be fun to watch. And on another note look what came up when I did a Google search for Xero – it seems Netsuite will clutch at any straw for business!

xero netsuite

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  • Watch ’em try to claim Xero as their own. Well done again to the Xero team – a ray of business sunshine in an otherwise bleak environment.

  • Why has no press really picked up on this story apart from regurgitating the press release? This is one of the biggest NZ business stories this year.

  • @Justin Because my god friend – trad media is spending all it’s time trying to watch what new media is doing – and less on what is actually happening in the world

    Just my 2 cents worth

  • @Justin – make that my good friend – I couldn’t comment on your godliness

  • 2200 Customers @ a rate of just over 5 a day during the quiet period of the year.

    should reach 3000 Customers by Feb 2009 – No Problem.

    The Question is how many customers can they ramp up in the 2009 March – May changeover period? 1000? 1500? 2000?

    4000+ Customers in May 09 would be a fantastic result from 1400 May 08

    10000+ May 2010 is definitely on the Cards!!

  • Actually they gained 900 customers in the 08 change over, 2000 in these 3 months is realistic…

    thats 5000 customers in May 09!

  • days new cust/day
    1/04/2007 0
    30/07/2007 204 120 204 1.7
    1/02/2008 500 186 296 1.591397849
    1/04/2008 950 60 450 7.5
    10/05/2008 1406 39 456 11.69230769
    21/08/2008 2000 103 594 5.766990291
    30/09/2008 2200 40 200 5
    1/02/2009 2946 164 945.7864078 5
    10/05/2009 5255 98 2309.290541 23.56418919

  • Justin,

    I’m going for >10,000 by Mar31 09. A combination of viral growth in the existing markets plus Aussie & Global to kick in also. Jenny Ruth & co could do a lot worse than analysing a few companies outside the NZSE50 for a change.

  • Paul Lattimore |

    3 months out from my original prediction but I’ll take it 😉

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