I see (well actually read) that Xero is competing in a competition to win a place in a technology park in Wales.

Now I don’t want to sound sour but wasn’t it just last week that we were getting all excited that a tech start up would be scaling worldwide from a Kiwi base. Maybe the exposure of winning the competition is sufficient or they just want to put a sales office in Europe or something, but if the development happens overseas, the company is registered overseas (which i assume would be the case), where is the pay back for New Zealand?

You’ll also note that interspersed with a number of Xero related posts I do actually post on other subjects! It’s just that Xero is particularly topical at the moment!

Ben Kepes

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  • Are you kidding?!? Xero is developed in NZ. We’re looking at sales offices all over. Xero is NZ owned and future revenie comes here. Haven’t we made that 100% clear. This is all part of the process of going global. Relax, let us get on with it.

  • That’s great to hear Rod – just checking. Good luck with the competition!

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