File sending vendor YouSendIt is today broadening its offering significantly by announcing the release of the new YouSendIt that includes multi-device applications (iOS, Android and desktop). But the big news, outside of simple file sending (which, I have to state, is actually a really useful feature especially when sending large attachments to size limited corporate email accounts) is that the new application is enabling the mobile sharing folders, device synchronize , digital signing of documents and storage of unlimited files.

Disclosure – I have a complementary YouSendIt account. It is customary for vendors to offer analysts free access to software – I currently use free versions of software from multiple vendors in this particular space. For more information see my disclosures page.

In one move (OK a couple of moves tied together by a cross-device roll out) an application that, despite being really handy, was looking a little tired, now suddenly looks like the cool bits of DropBox, some of the nice features of Syncpliciity with some DocuSign added in for good measure.

The shared folders and syncing aspects are interesting – shared content is encrypted both in transit (fairly routine practice) but also while at rest on YouSendIt’s servers. As well as this files stored on mobile devices are both encrypted and password protected – that fact alone should do much to allay the fears of corporate IT.

I would say though that, despite being an exciting development, it is yet another step in an ongoing arms race that sees too many vendors (DropBox, YouSendIt, SugarSync, Syncplicity etc etc) compete for mindshare in a somewhat undifferentiated manner. The key thing here is that I could achieve the same aim with any of the vendors and actually use three in a day-to-day setting – not for any other reason than that they’re there and I have files already stored in them.

That sort of nonchalance isn’t a great way to build engagement and stickiness – and it’s those aspects that all these vendors need to work on.

Ben Kepes

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