Part of running an effective customer support operation is giving people access to documentation that helps them provide the quickest possible resolution to customer issues. In a rapidly changing world this is actually much more difficult as it sounds as approaches, procedures and specifications change rapidly. A new integration between cloud content sharing service edocr and support desk vendor Zendesk (see disclosure) aims to help in this area.

The thesis behind this integration is that often customer support agents will be serving up documentation to a customer to help them with their support query – stuff like instruction manuals, specification sheets and the like. Traditionally this has meant agents having to find the correct document and upload it to a particular case – kind of inefficient really.

With this integration, the edocr widget shows document thumbnails and the agent can drag and drop these thumbnails directly into the support ticket. What this means is that for every similar customer support exchange involving documents, the same document is served, even if its added to many tickets and forums, thus increasing the efficiency of storage, increasing agent productivity and increasing interactivity.

The great thing is that in the event that a document is updated in edocr – that is automatically reflected on every customer ticket that has that particular document embedded on it – avoiding the endless cycle of discovering and updating out of date files.

The integration looks like a pretty compelling proposition – of course some might say that it is sufficiently compelling that Zendesk should provide it themselves but in the mean time, edocr is worth checking out.


Ben Kepes

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