One of the gambles open platforms make is that partners will rock up to build offerings on top of the platform. It must be every product manager’s worst nightmare to create a place that has little but tumbleweeds rolling around it.

VMware is no exception and when they announced CloudFoundry they did so with the expectation that third parties would both use the platform elsewhere but also that ISVs would build tools that sat atop he platform. Well we didn’t have to wait long, as this morning Zenoss, a provider of management software for IT environments, physical, virtual and cloud, announced the availability of a monitoring solution for applications built on top of CloudFoundry.

Zenoss’ solution for Cloud Foundry is available as a free, open source product and allows developers and operators of applications built on the Cloud Foundry platform to maintain real-time inventory, health and performance of their cloud-based applications and underlying components.

Understandably please about the integration, James Watters, the guy who is in charge of scosystem development for CloudFoundry has said that;

A key part of the success of Cloud Foundry is the ecosystem that is rapidly forming around it.  Developers and operators will have everything they need to succeed along with choice and flexibility. We are happy that Zenoss has quickly innovated and delivered Cloud Foundry monitoring to the market less than a month after our launch

Monitoring is a really important part of a cloud deployment, check out how Zenoss give CloudFoundry users this visibility in the video below;


Ben Kepes

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