eBay sellers boycott – does eBay care?

News that a bunch of disgruntled power-sellers on eBay have relaunched a boycott of eBay following changes made to rating systems and fee structures.

Sellers tried this once before in February and at the time eBay said that;

There was no impact of the so called boycott. And no one showed up to protest either. A lot to do about nothing

Putting aside the misquote in the eBay response, I’d be hugely surprised if this time it was any different With the sort of scale that eBay has, a few powersellers boycotting will cause no ill-effects.

These sellers need eBay significantly more than eBay needs them and you’ve got a classic case of one player having all the cards at a poker match.

The boycotters will blink, eBay will continue and we’ll all just have to learn to play by the (ever changing) rules of the big boys.