Last week at Dreamforce Europe 08 Coda Group launched Coda2Go – an SaaS accounting application that runs on the platform.

In their press release they note:

  • Powerful international on-demand accounting application from one of Europe’s leading financial systems providers
  • Biggest ever development project on Platform-as-a-Service
  • First accounting application designed from inception to integrate with Salesforce CRM applications

It’s certainly the biggest app I’ve seen, most of which to date have been feature add-ons for rather than full blown applications in their own right.

Release 1 of Coda2Go is called Opportunity to Cash and continues Salesforce’s process which ends at converted opportunities and carries on through credit management, invoicing, accounts receivable, ageing and collections, and cash allocation.

One of the advantages which I haven’t seen mentioned is the ability to extend the app and potentially integrate with other apps you use. But the biggest drawback seems to be the price. Initial pricing is a whopping $125 per user per month. Their target market however is customers who are already willing to pay a healthy price for itself.

At the moment I’ll put Coda2Go in the keep an eye on category but I’m sticking with Xero for now.

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