I’ve posted before about Aptimize, the startup trying to singlehandedly speed up the web. Their Website Accelerator product has just been given a strong endorsement by Microsoft who are using it to speed up their SharePoint public site.

Aptimize have published some statistics of the benefits Microsoft is seeing with the solution;




Reduction in load time

First View

10.6 seconds

5.7 seconds


Repeat view

7.1 seconds

3.3 seconds


Aptimize are banking on their contention that faster load times translate into a more sticky browsing experience. This is borne out by another test site they’ve had live for a few months now. Geekzone a technology site with a 700k monthly unique viewer figure. Using the Aptimize tool, Geekzone has reported a;

  • 35.10% increase in average time on site
  • 13.63% increase in number of pages per visit
  • 3.7 percent reduction in bounce rate

It’s interesting to see Microsoft using a tool that’s specifically aimed to increase the speed of some of its own software – one wonders why Redmond hasn’t developed a tool like this themselves already.

I’d be remiss if, along with my post, I omitted posting the video of Aptimize founder and CEO Ed Robinson doing his best media superstar impersonation. Enjoy…

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