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Since the Google Apps marketplace launched, I’ve been a little disappointed at the somewhat limited integrations that have been created by apps on the marketplace. While I’d love Google to have an even richer common set of data, there was little use made of the data that is currently provided.

All that is changing with the introduction of contextual gadgets, and right now ManyMoon the social productivity tool, is releasing it’s take on what that means. A contextual gadget is quite simply a gadget within an application that unlocks some functionality in another app.

In their case, the Manymoon Gmail contextual gadget enables users to track and complete projects and tasks directly within an email. Once a user adds the gadget, it can intelligently update tasks and projects with important content and contacts from within emails.

ManyMoon is understandably bullish about what the marketplace is doing for them, Amit Kulkarni, CEO of Manymoon reports that over 1,000 new businesses that use Google’s applications sign-up for Manymoon through the Google Apps Marketplace each week.

This is the sort of experience that delivers on the promise of the apps marketplace – take a look at the screencast below.

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