There’s been a lot of talk among a new breed of CRM providers recently about finding the right balance of functionality and complexity to meet the needs of very small businesses. While salesforce has cleaned up in the enterprise cloud CRM space, there’s no denying it’s product offering is both priced a little too high, and too complex for the smallest of organizations. Every second day another vendor shows up that aims to corner this part of the market.

Today it’s the turn of icomplete  to try and prove itself “the world’s simplest small business tool”. icomplete does so by packaging up CRM, email marketing and telephony in one small, economical and intuitive package.

1 - Dashboard

Aimed for businesses under 20 employees, and proving popular amongst media organizations, icomplete fills functional requirements along three distinct arms;

  • eMarketing (Bulk SMS, Email campaigns, physical post and dial-out messages)
  • CRM (Contacts, calendaring, task management and BI)
  • Telephony (VoIP, IVR)

It integrates these three distinct areas into one combined package that sees cross functionality – for example click to call within the CRM contact window enabled from the get-go.

4 - Map My Database

I spoke with icomplete co-founder Myles Hantler to get his take on what differentiates icomplete from other CRM products. His perspective was that the breadth of the integrated functionality, along with icomplete’s focus on a simple UI makes the difference. In experimenting with the application my perspective is that it is the integration with telephony which is the real differentiator for the product. While many other lightweight CRM products are integrated with calendaring and email marketing, it is the telephony functionality on a single platform tha

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