Apprenda is a different sort of technology company. For a start, it’s based in New York and hence has a more corporate feel than its Silicon Valley counterparts. Whereas hoodies and flip-flops are de rigeur in the valley, Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller is rarely seen without a collared shirt and sports coat.

They’re different because they have a very enterprise focus. Back in the day when all the big cloud platforms were so scornful of private infrastructure, Apprenda was busy selling real-world enterprises its platform for use on their on-premises infrastructure. And when PaaS vendors were busy supporting every language and framework conceivable, Apprenda was initially solely focused on .NET. While they have broadened a little to Java over the past few years, they’re still very focused on traditional enterprise development languages rather than being all-in with the cool kids of Ruby on Rails and other, newer, languages.

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Ben Kepes

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