SlideRocket (more coverage here) is today making a release that sees them move one step closer to making presentations that are integrally bound with the real time web rather than historic reflections. SlideRocket is releasing a new plugin architecture that allows third party developers to create plugins that harness real time data as part of a presentation.

Initially plugins are available to run live polls, harness a live Twitter feed and present dynamic stock quotes/RSS but what is really interesting here is that by opening up the architecture, SlideRocket unharnesses their product and allows any developer to think of weird and wonderful uses for real time data within a presentation.

SlideRocket’s new plug-ins are currently being rolled out to subscribers and will be available
to all SlideRocket users by mid-March 2010. Details of the initial plugins are:

  • Interactive polling: PollEverywhere, the text message polling and audience response system, developed a plug-in that adds live polling capabilities to SlideRocket. Users can create interactive presentations by asking the audience questions and including the responses in real-time within a slide.


  • Live Twitter streams: SlideRocket has embedded the Twitter API into a slide template to bring backchannel discussions to the stage.


  • Live stock ticker and other RSS Feeds


It’s a great idea – I’ve seen some instructions for showing a live Twitter feed within PowerPoint and they run to 10 pages or more – with this move, SlideRocket have made sharing real time data with an audience easy. Check out their demo presentation here

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