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Kiwi teenagers ‘business savvy’

Interesting article in today’s paper about businessman Tony Falkenstein’s efforts to educate teenagers to think about business opportunities. He says that most teenagers don’t grow up in a household that talk business so it never enters their minds that they could be in business.

I think this is valid point. I think a lot of my own desire growing up to one day have my own business stems from the fact that I grew up with friends and relatives who undertook their own successful business endeavours. As a teenager I made unrealistic statements about being retired by the time I was 21. Looking back now it seems silly. I’m 5 years overdue and far from that goal. But at the same time I probably have a better chance than most other people my age of getting there. I have a business which while not flourishing yet, at least I’m out there giving it a go. And I have a small network of successful people I can call on for advice.

Mr Falkenstein’s efforts at this old high school are fantastic, but it will take it more than just one high school to change the culture of a country. That is a much bigger challenge.

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