consumer-map This post might come across as sour grapes, it’s sure not meant to be that way.

I’ve spent the last two days at Google IO – It was an amazing event – the Android keynote that Vic Gundotra gave in particular was astounding. But anyway, I digress.

At the event all attendees were given a free HTC EVO 4G device with a months free calling and data on Sprint. It’s a pre-release device and is absolutely gobsmackingly amazing – fast, big, light and beautiful BUT it only works in the USA.

There were 5000 attendees at IO – of which a significant number come from outside the US – we’re all now proud owners of… a WiFi device that we can’t use on our home networks.

Now as I say, one shouldn’t be ungrateful – I’m stoked to have got the device and for the next day will feel like one of the cool kids – but maybe Google should have thought a little about those of us from outside the US, it leaves a little bit of a bitter taste to be somewhat forgotten.

Anyway – there’s my rant – if anyone wants to buy a brand new EVO 4G with free calling and data for a month and a developer discount available on a two years sprint account – just let me know! (Or alternatively if anyone wants to swap for a non-contract AT&T Nexus One, that’d do as well!

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