From time to time, I find some really interesting talks on cloud computing and I share those videos here at Cloud Ave, essentially acting as a filter and sharing talks I consider important for our readers. I came across one such talk (thanks to Mark Masterson) from a conference that was held in March. It was a talk by James Hamilton of Amazon Web Services (yeah, the same guy whom Amazon grabbed from Microsoft sometime back) at Mix 10 at Las Vegas. He shows beautifully how cloud computing is not a fad and, in fact, the right way to go forward. The whole talk is amazing but I would ask you not to miss an important data point he offers which debunks the conventional wisdom about server utilization. He shows how our idea of consolidating resources and shutting down unused resources is wrong and this data point could also tell us why Amazon jumped into offering cloud services in the first place. A great talk and worth every minute you spend on it.
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