Go To Market for SaaS Companies

As the world moves to the oft-heralded “subscription economy”, seemingly every software company is reinventing itself as a SaaS company. But deciding to go subscription, and actually having everything in place to deliver a service are two different things. Recently I took part in a webinar with Sanjay Sarathy from SaaS billing and subscription service Vindicia (and, for clarity I’ll point out that I was not paid for taking part in the webinar). By way of context, SaaS has an estimated market value of $15B in 2012 and corresponding rapid growth thereafter – it’s worth doing it right!

We covered a bunch of different topics including;

  • How SaaS companies actually go to market.
  • Why cloud computing? (as if you needed to ask)
  • The new business models that are arising
  • The value of thinking niche and going global
  • The top mistake that companies make when moving to SaaS

Take 20 or so minutes out of your day and check out the webinar embedded below….