GigaOm posted about his VoIP experience and the fact that Jajah has started offering call termination, billing and other such services other.

A sentence at the end of his post caught my eye;

A Frost & Sullivan report says that as a percentage of total IP-telephone market soft phones share will increase from 5 percent to 20 percent by 2014

I believe that by 2014, VoIP will have subverted a huge proportion of voice traffic. If you accept that estimation, I wonder how you imagine one in five of all users utilising a softphone – the vast majority (ie over the remaining 80% that research would indicate) still appreciate the tactility of a hardphone – I just can’t see anywhere near 20% of traffic being moved to softphones.

Thoughts anyone?

Ben Kepes

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  • All depends what they mean by ‘softphone’ – if they include things like cordless phones with Skype clients, 3’s service (skype running on a mobile) – I can buy this. Even more feasible if its by traffic – softphones tend to skew towards longer calls

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