One of the businesses on display last night was Interclue who have developed a cool little extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows one to preview links prior to opening them. It’s a useful sort of extension and well worth a try!

Interclue has been showcased on Mozilla’s add on page – it’s great to see a start up having success in this way. As to whether the concept can be monetizes – well that’s another discussion…

Ben Kepes

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  • Thanks for the kind words Ben. I’ve actually been reading your blog for a little while and had been thinking about getting in touch.

    We’re look forward to making Interclue better and better as time goes on. There are actual a bunch of different monetization possibilities – and I guess it’s a good thing they’re not obvious 🙂 Priority now tho, is to get more users. Happy to get together and tell you more about Interclue over lunch sometime if you’re interested.

    BTW I’m not sure “showcased” is the right word in this case – we’ve been accepted into the public download section, given good reviews by the community, and got a bunch of downloads, but really the add-ons being showcased are the ones on the a.m.o “recommended list” – which we certainly will apply to join if our users continue to appreciate what we have to offer. My opinion is that we are of a similar quality to the ones on that list, but we’re new, so it will take a little while to establish an appropriate track record.


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