A press release came over my desk this morning announcing that NetSuite’s ecommerce platform is now integrated with Intel’s API. Huh? Intel, the chip company has an API, what gives? This new API offers up information about CPU, battery life, and network connection for third parties to take advantage of. In this case a company called Gproxy Design, has created a device score, CLIDES, that determines the best ecommerce user interface for a shopper. From this score they deliver up specific solutions that will run best with the particular visitor’s setup – to see an example take a look here.

NetSuite is taking advantage of CLIDES and is giving users of its own ecommerce product the ability to provide instantly optimized shopping experiences. Coming as I do from a country with less than stellar connectivity, I’m always frustrated when visiting highly bandwidth intensive ecommerce sites – having the ability to have my experience automatically customized to my situation is…. well, it’s a really cool application of technology.

Of course NetSuite rolled out a Forrester research report to justify the move, according to Forrester,

poor site performance leads to shopper dissatisfaction and site abandonment, and slow-rendering websites lead to lost online sales. One-third of shoppers who abandoned a recent shopping session were dissatisfied with a retail site’s performance, and 79 percent of online shoppers who experience a dissatisfying visit are likely to no longer buy from that site

Well I don’t know about that, all I do know is that low websites suck and as someone who also runs an ecommerce business, the ability to tailor the site to the particulars of the visitor is highly attractive.

So, kudos to Intel for creating this cool API, kudos to NetSuite to recognizing the value of what Gproxy has built and here’s to a faster ecommerce experience for us all!

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  • Thanks for reviewing CLIDES!
    The development of this free-of-charge online tool, is aligned with Gproxy’s vision of recognizing users as unique individuals. CLIDES allows us to provide optimized UIs to offer unique UXs not only in the eCommerce industry, but the same concept could be applied for intranets, corporate websites, etc.

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