Excuse the temporary off-topic post but in a continuing theme of “breadth of content is valuable”, I thought I’d share with pride an article recently published about my one of the houses my brother designed/built.

I spend a heap of time away from New Zealand and often when I’m travelling I get asked why I don’t just move to Silicon Valley/Sydney/Denver/Wherever else I happen to be. My traditional answer to that question is to just point whomever is asking me to a picture of my home – the space, quiet, sheer romance and cleanliness of it all tends to answer things for them.

My brother’s places however take all of that to a new level – idyllic retreats literally carved from living trees and sitting naturally in their environments. So without further ado, here’s a selection of images of said brother and said house. Enjoy!

Kepes 5 Kepes 7 Kepes 1 Kepes 3 Kepes 2 Kepes 4 Kepes 6 Kepes 8 Kepes 9 Kepes 10

Ben Kepes

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