Hot on the heels of Geminare’s partnership with Qwest to sell cloud recovery services to enterprise, they’re today announcing cloud recovery support for Linux, Unix and Hybridized environments.

The enterprise editions of Geminare’s Recovery as a Service (RaaS) products include automatic file and email archiving, search and built-in audit. In practice, Geminare creates a failover server and replicates a customer’s server environment in real-time to a cloud vendor of choice. The product launch today has added support for enterprise operating systems such as Linux, Unix and AIX, as well as on-the-fly encryption, support for more than 250 servers per site, and integration with additional cloud providers as well as private clouds.

I was interested to hear that Geminare is pursuing a 100% channel-focused strategy as its go-to-market. It’s product is white-labeled and sold by a number of partners, among them Qwest and I expressed some doubt that channel sales will prove a viable approach long term as cloud solutions become better integrated and much simpler to provision – Joshua Geist, CEO of Geminare partially agreed with me but indicated that the partners they’re working with are focused on building integrated offerings tying together a number of different vendor’s products – in this way they’re becoming quasi product companies and should gain a little more security.

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