So… yesterday was the time for a bit of a realization that, no matter how deep we buried our heads in the sand, our comfortable little world wouldn’t carry on as normal. Today then was day one of the post-apocalyptic reality, when “what now” came to the fore and “status quo” was finally buried.

Imagine if you will a fully functioning coffee roastery and an outdoor equipment manufacturing factory. Now imagine, in a manic real estate market, having to find space to shift said entities to, the logistics of actually dismantling, moving and reconfiguring equipment, and the nightmare of trying to continue some semblance of operations in the interim.

Once again our situation made the pages of the NBR, where journalist and moral watchdog, Chris Keall, reported on the folly of speaking way, way too soon. In the midst of that we received a bubbly wee email from our structural engineer, the highlight of which said:


The Council policy is to strengthen damaged buildings to 2/3 of current code. If this is not possible or is infeasible then the building should be demolished.

Our preliminary assessment is that it would be difficult or possibly impractical to partially rebuild and strengthen this building to 67% of current code.

In other words… she’s F^#$ed!

Through connections (big ups to TNL Freighting who helped us out) a couple of shipping containers were deposited in our carpark, ready to be filled with all manner of goods. Meanwhile some heroic workers were madly packing items into boxes, ready to be deposited… somewhere.

So… tomorrow sees us, and some super-awesome volunteers (thanks @wasabhi @polarbearfarm @rafmanji @philbenoit @yrb and Simon) pack he accumulated years of Cactus into a couple of shipping containers. Hopefully next week we’ll actually have some place to take ‘em.

Ben Kepes

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