In the race to deliver the benefits that big data is promising, a number of products are coming to market that help capture data to later be analyzed by big data tools. One area of particular promise is that of online logging – an area that is important as software companies try and ensure maximum uptime through deep analysis of customer usage and event logging. Loggly is one online log management vendor and they’re today announcing a $5.7M investment from True Ventures, Trinity Ventures and Matrix Partners. At the same time Loggly is announcing the appointment of Charlie Oppenheimer as chief executive officer and Jim Nisbet as chief technology officer and vice president of engineering to bolster the leadership team.

Loggly is a fairly boring area, but one which is vitally important as we move to a much more software-centric world. Traditional log management systems tend to be expensive and difficult to set up and maintain and so organizations that need to utilize log management are increasingly attracted to cloud based solutions – log management is an important part of what technology companies do, but it’s not a core function – moving log management to a third party delivers on the idea of “focusing on core business”.

Loggly has around 2500 customers and boasts that it indexes more data than the entire Twitter data stream – if they can deliver on the notion of identifying and avoiding expensive software outages, they’ll be well placed as the world increasingly revolves around software.

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Ben Kepes

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