I’ve written previously about Netuitive, the predictive analytics software company that forecasts, identifies and resolves IT performance issues within data centers. Netuitive pinged me the other day to let me know about the success they’re seeing within banking organizations – it seems 8 of the 10 largest banks (as ranked by the size of their assets) are using Netuitive’s product or their infrastructure.

With their latest deal, Netuitive’s software will support the bank’s virtual data center (VDC) which, inline with the trend for large organizations, is a hybrid setup consisting of virtual hosting infrastructure as well as virtual desktop infrastructure. The implementation includes the monitoring and management of 120,000 instances of VMware virtual machines across multiple storage and network platforms.

This is important for a number of reasons – banking organizations represent some of the largest deployments of virtualization in the world and the applications they serve are absolutely mission critical and time dependent. In this sort of deployment, capacity planning for applications is a fraught process. The ability to dynamically predict, deploy and problem-solve is attractive to these sorts of organizations.

Netuitive software works by replacing manual, rules-based methods for performance monitoring with automated statistical analysis that correlates and self-learns the operational behavior of IT systems and applications. It then forecasts issues before they impact performance and isolates root cause wherever a problem occurs.  Netuitive is integrated with a host of monitoring tools including VMware, HP, Microsoft, BMC, IBM, and CA.

IaaS automation tools are a hot area as more large organizations, with large IT budgets, look for ways to ease their entry to the cloud. Looks for a great deal of M&A activity in this space in the next 12 months as companies maneuver to build consistent product suites and head off the competition.

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