In yet another example of cloud infrastructure analytics being a hot area, San Francisco startup Nodeable, who is “adding a social layer to systems data” is announcing a funding round led by True Ventures.

Nodeable uses big data analytics to gather intelligence about cloud-based infrastructure, and delivers it up within an interface that is supposed to remind users of their “favorite social networking site”. I’m a little dubious as to how many people really want their infrastructure analysis to look like Facebook but since Nodeable is ticking off two of the hottest investment buzzwords right now, Cloud and social, it seems like it’s an approach that is sure to win.

Along with other Cloud analytics tools, the proposition Nodeable brings to the market is that of filling the void created by the fact that legacy system management tools were not designed to cover the various loosely-coupled data sources that make up the modern infrastructure paradigm. In order to solve this conundrum, Nodeable applies social mechanics to systems data, allowing users to interact with cloud infrastructure and disparate data sources just as they do with users on social networks. Which (again) begs a question as to just why I’d want my systems management tool should be able to send me invitations to FarmVille….

Anyway – according to TechCrunch;

Nodeable wants to combine big data analytics, systems management and social communications in such a way that a social layer is added to an analytics platform to give users an interface that feels like a social networking site, but still allows businesses to manage the complexities of data management

Anyone else wondering what that actually means?

Investor True Ventures said that;

Nodeable’s new approach to managing systems through social mechanics and analytics introduces a breakthrough way to interact with cloud infrastructure. We believe that the Nodeable team has the vision, passion and technical expertise to be successful pioneers in this rapidly growing space.

Yeah. OK. Whatever.

Ben Kepes

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