A few days ago a little battle raged around what the launch of Google’s GDrive product might mean for DropBox. At the time fellow Cloud watcher Alex Williams commented that DropBox has a lot of magic that would save its day – I wasn’t so sure but it’s nonetheless interesting to see new products being built upon the core DropBox proposition.

Case in point is the launch today of a mashup between Desktop Virtualization company WorldDesk and DropBox. Essentially the integration marries desktop virtualization with a DropBox accounts so that users can carry their virtual desktop around with them, on a USB stick, smartphone or iPod, sign into their desktop and have all their files ready for them in a nicely integrated DropBox folder.

According to WorldDesk, The beta solution launching today allows users to access, through their Dropbox folder, a full personalized desktop experience on any 32-bit Windows 7 machine. Plans are afoot to roll this out to other devices and cloud storage platforms.

Of course virtual desktops are, in my view, a kind of old world solution to mobility and access. But, just like IE6, they’re a solution that has ongoing proponents for some strange reason…

Anyway, it’s by no means a DropBox specific proposition, but it’s another interesting use case for cloud storage and, since it is Valentine’s Day after all, WorldDesk has made this somewhat corny video to celebrate their new union. Enjoy

Ben Kepes

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  • I think that this servise http://bit.ly/A7INcH is much better then the DropBox, they provide more free space, 5Gb while dropbox gives only 2Gb, and bonuses are bigger. However I have these two services at the same time, and total have 7 Gb space for free 🙂

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